Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are commonly referred to as impact guns, air wrenches, torque guns, or air guns. It is essentially a socket wrench power tool that delivers a high level of torque output. It also results in minimal exertion for the user, which is why so many people choose to have one of these power tools within their repertoire.

Makita DTW281Z 18 V Cordless Li-Ion Impact Wrench
Makita DTW281Z 18 V Cordless Li-Ion Impact Wrench
New Clarke CEW1000 Electric Impact Wrench 240v
New Clarke CEW1000 Electric Impact Wrench 240v
DeWalt DCF899HN-XJ 18 V Cordless Impact Wrench
DeWalt DCF899HN-XJ 18 V Cordless Impact Wrench
Bosch Professional GDS18V-LI 18V Li-Ion Naked Impact Wrench
Bosch Professional GDS18V-LI 18V Li-Ion Naked Impact Wrench
Einhell 2048300 Blue BT-HS 12 Car Impact Wrench
Einhell 2048300 Blue BT-HS 12 Car Impact Wrench

Buying Impact Wrenches

When you are shopping for impact wrenches, it is important to explore a few different aspects.

All impact wrenches are not created equal, and there are a variety of different manufacturers for you to select from. This means that you will want to read through descriptions and find out exactly what is being provided to you for the price.

Power Source

The power source of the impact wrench needs to be considered. Compressed air is one of the most common, as it delivers power and is easy to take on the go. Electric and hydraulic power may also be utilized. Cordless electric devices are also becoming more popular, and these will come with a charging unit as well.

You want to think about where you are going to be using the impact wrench to determine the best power source. For example, if you are going to be in construction sites that don’t allow you to plug into an outlet, you will need to consider a different power source.


Each and every impact wrench can be different based upon the model as well as the manufacturer. You may be using the impact wrench within the construction industry, automotive, maintenance, or any other. High torque output is going to be a necessity, though the voltage may vary.

You will want to consider the speed and torque settings that are available to you. This can make it easier to customise the wrench for the particular project that you are working on.

The wrenches may also come with a variety of different bits. While some will come with a collection of bits, others may require you to purchase them separately. Take a look at what they are capable of holding so that you can be confident you are buying what you need the first time around. The socket wrench drive size can vary from 0.5” all the way up to 3.5” and even larger.


The grip on each of the different impact wrenches can vary considerably. There may be molded plastic or resin in order to make it more comfortable. There may also be a rubber grip, making it easier to hold when hands are wet or sweaty. Particularly if you have worked with impact wrenches in the past, you may already have a particular preference.

Take the time to read through the details to ensure you are satisfied with the grip. If you are going to be holding the wrenches for a long period of time, it is important that your hands are comfortable holding the wrench as it will give you the better leverage that is needed.

When shopping online, you won’t be able to hold the impact wrench on your own. However, you can read reviews to see what people have to say about the grip. You may also already have an idea as to what you want based upon what you have worked with in the past or what you have seen others use.


The cost of the impact wrench is likely going to impact your decision as well. You may not have the ability to purchase the highest and model, at least not at this point in time. This means that you will need to establish the balance between having a quality wrench at a price that you can afford.

Before you simply go with the cheapest wrench, you will want to look at what is included. For example, some of the higher-end models will also include bits, whereas the lower end models are going to require you to purchase those separately. In the end, you could end up spending the same amount for each of them, and this is something to consider.

Along with the cost is value. Look at the power that the range is capable of providing. Also consider the manufacturer’s warranty available. This way, if there is something wrong with the wrench down the road, you will have the ability to have it repaired or replaced.

Finding the Right Impact Wrench

The right impact wrench is going to make all the difference in the world. You will want to take the time to make some comparisons between the various models and manufacturers. Read through the descriptions and ensure that it is capable of meeting all of your needs in terms of voltage, wattage, material, weight, and power source.

It is also beneficial to read through the reviews to see how it holds up against the others on the market. You can read through the reviews that are left by real customers. This gives you a chance to explore the pros and cons before you make your purchase. You can find out what people have experienced with the wrench and whether it is capable of withstanding the environment you plan on exposing it to.

Impact Wrenches Available Today

Start shopping through the various impact wrenches available now. Regardless of whether you are a joiner, a craftsman, a construction worker, or anyone else, you deserve to have a quality wrench within your toolbox – and there are quite a few amazing ones available to you.