Combo Kits

When it comes to buying tools, it pays to know what your options are. Combo kits provide you with the opportunity to obtain multiple power tools in one convenient kit. They come with a carrying case as well, allowing you to keep all of your tools close to you. It’s ideal for storage as well as when you need to bring your tools along to a job site.

DeWALT DCK594P3 18 V,  6 Kit
DeWALT DCK594P3 18 V, 6 Kit
Makita DK18000 18V Cordless Kit  (2 Pieces)
Makita DK18000 18V Cordless Kit (2 Pieces)
MAKITA DK1829 18V Cordless 6 Piece Kit
MAKITA DK1829 18V Cordless 6 Piece Kit
Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Kit  (4 Pieces)
Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Kit (4 Pieces)
Bosch 18 V Professional Heavy Duty 6 Piece Kit
Bosch 18 V Professional Heavy Duty 6 Piece Kit

The Benefits of Cmobo Kits

Top Brands

Many of the top brands in power tools offer combo kits. This provides you with plenty of options to choose from. You can explore the star rating and get a brand that you trust within the industry. Particularly if you already have some tools from one brand or another, you may want to pledge your allegiance to that brand.

The added benefit of having all of your tools from the same brand is that you will often be able to cross-use the chargers. This can reduce the amount of things that you bring with you to a job site, and allow you to maintain a higher level of organization in your home or shop.

Plus, if one is lost, you have a backup to count on.

Not all brands offer the same level of power, either. This means you will want to look at the various details encompassed within the combo kits. Some, for example, offer ‘professional grade’ tools. The warranties can vary as well, which will ultimately tell you about the value that you’re getting for your money.

The Right Tools

Not all combo kits are the same, which allows you to find the one that gives you the right tools. Kits may come with 3 or more power tools for you to choose from. This will give you access to power drills, impact drivers, power saws, rotary hammers, torches, chargers, and more.

Think about what it is that you want to use the power tools for. You may be working with wood, concrete, or more. Whether you are a contractor, a construction worker, joiner, plumber, craftsperson, or anyone else, you may want to have a wide selection of tools to draw from – and a combo kit makes the most sense because of the variety.

You may be looking for a rotary hammer capable of 4000 BPM, a cordless impact driver that can handle machine screws up to 8mm, a cordless circular saw capable of cutting at various angles, or even a jigsaw. Identify the tools you are searching for as it will make it easier for you to locate the right combo kit.

A bonus of purchasing the tools indicate is that you get the carrying case, which is completely branded. It allows you to have a safe place to store all of your tools as opposed to placing them in a nondescript toolbox that is not meant for the tools that you are purchasing. It will allow you to care for your tools more effectively, and look like a true professional when you show up at a job site, which is always important.

Save Money

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to shop combo kits is the ability to save money. If you were to buy all of the power tools individually, it could cost you hundreds of pounds more – and there is simply no need for such a thing.

You want to explore value with every single purchase. We make it simple for you to get the value by combining some of the most important tools into one kit. You may not need anything else beyond what’s in the kit, saving you even more money. Plus, the kit will include the batteries and the charger so you will have everything you need to get started.

Finding the Kit That’s Right for You

In the end, you want to make sure that you find a combo kit that makes sense for you and your needs. You don’t want to spend money on a kit that provides you with tools you will never need. Similarly, it may be more advantageous to purchase a larger combo kit if it provides you with all of the tools that you need now, and could need in the future. Otherwise, you could end up having to purchase more tools later on, and spending more money.

Take the time to compare the different brands. This will allow you to see what each of them offer in terms of warranty and overall value. If you work for a particular company, they may even identify what brand they want you to go with.

Star ratings are also important. These will tell you just how many people have liked the combo kits in the past. You can read through the reviews that people have left in order to find out the pros and cons within all of the kits.

Finally, read through what is encompassed within the kits. Be sure that has everything that you could possibly want. For example, if you purchase any cordless drill kit, make sure that it has the various components that you need, such as the different drill bits, chargers, and other components.

You can start shopping the various combo kits now, selecting the one (or ones) that fit your needs the most. Prepare for some amazing power tools and save money by choosing a kit as opposed to the individual tools on their own.

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Makita DK18000 18V Cordless Kit  (2 Pieces)
Makita DK18000 18V Cordless Kit (2 Pieces)