Power Tool Accessories

In the world of work and efficiency in line of duty, the quality and power of the tools employed matter a lot and deserve to be given proper consideration.

Makita Complete Drill and Bit Set (216 Pieces)
Makita Complete Drill and Bit Set (216 Pieces)
Blue Spot 216 Piece Rotary Tool Kit
Blue Spot 216 Piece Rotary Tool Kit
Saxton SH13CS01 13 Blades Case Set for Fein Multimaster Bosch Multitool
Saxton SH13CS01 13 Blades Case Set for Fein Multimaster Bosch Multitool
Makita 98C263 Drilling/ Driving/ Accessory Kit (101 Pieces)
Makita 98C263 Drilling/ Driving/ Accessory Kit (101 Pieces)

Additional Tool Power Sources

Power tools are tools are tools driven or activated by external or additional power sources, they run on a mechanism different from those that are manually operated alongside other simple hand tools. The common and frequently used power tools run on electric motors, internal combustion engines and compressed air. Some power tools also derive their power from steam engines, direct burning of fuels and propellants or by means of some natural source of power like the wind and running water.

Optional Tool Drivers

Power tools and accessories are very different from tools driven by animal powers as they are employed in industries for construction purposes, in the garden for pruning functions, at home for cooking, cleaning, drilling, cutting, grinding, shaping, sanding, polishing, painting, routing, heating and other categories of housework where their use could be employed.

Portable Tools

Simply classified, power tools are of two categories: stationary power tools and the portable power tools. The portable power tools refer to the hand-held with very obvious advantage of easy mobility. However, though the stationary power tools cannot be easily moved, they often have another advantage in terms of speed and accuracy as some stationary power tools produce objects that could not have been produced by other means. A list of power tools include: air compressor, chainsaw, crusher, belt and drill sanders, impact driver, lawn mower, jigsaw, nail gun, vacuum cleaner, washing machine,, table saw, lathe, grinding machine etc. Worthy of note is the fact that the above list does not sufficiently account for all power tools as the list abounds.

Additional Lathe Power

The lathe is believed to be the oldest power tool in history dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The early age of industrial revolution had factories which possessed batteries to power tools normally driven by belts from overhead shafts. The initial power source for power tools remains the water wheel which graduated with time to the use of steam engines. In the 1880s, the use of electric motor was introduced and thus made the invention of the self-powered portable and stationary power tools we use today.

Here are some important power tools and accessories with a description of their function and their major unique features.

Makita Lithium-Ion Cordless

This is a Cordless Combi two piece Power Toolkit with complete set of BHP458 combi drill, BTD146 impact driver, two batteries and a kit box. On higher consideration, it is a replacement or an upgrade of the LXT202 kit and this upgraded model combines a faster combi drill with higher torque and an impact driver with equally higher torque. The Combi Drill has a compact design with a 2 speed gearbox, high operational efficiency. The impact driver features a maximum weight of 1.5kg, phosphorescent bumper, compact charger, enhanced dust and dip-proof function, electronic brake etc while the kit box contains a battery charger, two Li-Ion batteries, a depth stop and side handle drill plus a carry case.

Silverline Gauge Air Nailer Stapler

This is a lightweight aluminium bodied power tool with soft grip rubber handle which can be used for trim works, panelling, crafts, and assembling cabinets. It has a safety trigger which prevents any accidental firing and a 1/4 inch male quick connector.

Ridgid 4 in Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel

This tool functions in wet and dry applications; it delivers about 15,000 RPM which makes it ideal for removing coating, levelling, grinding concrete. Its double-row segment design produces an aggressive grinding and since it fits small angle grinders, it is suitable for use in wet and dry conditions.

Clarke Electric Stapler and Nailer

This is a lightweight electric powered stapler and nailer, a product of Clarks International suitable for stapling and nailing into hard and soft woods. It could also be employed for a range of applications like stapling upholstery and carpets especially to wooden floors. It comes with a moulded case for easy carrying and a starter pack of staples and nails.

Bosch Cordless Impact Drill

This power tool is applicable for impact drilling, screw driving and drill with maximum capacity. It is even more ideal in cases of demanding tasks. It has a Lithium-Ion battery technology with no memory effect or self discharge. The tool has a battery status indicator and a power light for convenient use; it also has a Cell Protection Mechanism invented by the manufacturer for long life. Added are the two speed gear box and the two sleeve keyless chuck with a one hour charge duration such that it is always ready for use.

Makita Cordless Li-Ion Impact Wrench

The Makita impact wrench is an advanced upgrade of the DTW251; it has a BLDC motor for higher power and a compact body. It also has a fuel gauge and a variable speed control by trigger. Its other functions include a forward and reverse rotation mode, electric brake, soft grip and an overall compact length.

Bosch PSM Multi Sander

The multi sander is ideal for sanding furniture such as tables, chairs, chest of drawers. It has a micro filter built in system element for dust extraction by extracting the dust directly into the micro filter box for a clean working process. It also has a two-piece sanding plate which helps in optimising its life. It comes also with a fastening system for quick and easy sanding. Other features include: compactness and overall lightweight and capacity for extremely versatile use.

Decker Scorpion Saw

The saw is a multi-functional power saw known for its efficient conservation of time and energy around the house. It does not only save time and energy, it also makes a perfect gift for an enthusiast as it cuts a variety of materials with plastic and wood inclusive and can also suffice as a traditional handsaw or a jigsaw. It is the perfect power tool for many jobs which range from cutting single pieces of wood to cutting many pieces of wood for decking and other purposes.

Generally, power tools are tools and mechanical devices that function when activated by external source of power. They are employed for various manufacturing processes, they are simple to operate but may be hazardous when used inappropriately. They are available in virtually all sizes and shapes and can be employed in carrying out a host of unimaginable works. However, power tools are adviced to be used only for those duties or purposes for which they were designed and not any other purpose.